Diaverum UK Clinic Managers had a robust start to 2023, with the first session of the  Annual Clinic Manager Development Programme held in Manchester during January 2023.

The Annual Clinic Manager Development Programme actively encourages peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, best practice learning and develops clinic management capability among Clinic Managers from all Diaverum clinics across the UK. The event is held across three cycles of learning, including pre-learning activities, workshops and action learning sets.

The January workshop was aimed at:
- understanding and applying key leadership concepts;
- engaging in collaborative learning;
- working together to build on the supportive community of practice and;
- empowering Clinic Managers to nurture their skills and to lead with passion and inspiration.

The sessions were well-delivered and received. 

Commenting on the Programme, Rob Chandler, HR Director for Diaverum UK said: "The UK has seen steady growth in clinics and the amazing group of Clinic Managers has been key to this. This programme promises to strengthen our overall ability in the UK. There was great participation and engagement from the group, and we are all looking forward to the work ahead".

Simon Reece, Operations Director added: "This is an important step in achieving our aims over 2023 and beyond. Clinic Management ability is crucial and developing this amazing group will be an exciting experience".

Sue Jenkins, Clinic Manager - Walsall and one of the attendees, had this to say about her experience: " I feel that being part of the CM programme gave us the opportunity to not only discuss as a group how we individually manage the diverse challenges we have in our clinics, but also to question how we could potentially do things differently if we required a different outcome. It was not only good to learn from each other techniques that we may have not thought of ourselves, but also hear other views that support what we are already doing... and of course, it was lovely to meet up with everyone again".