We aim to provide you with an unprecedented level of care in a personalised and efficient way.

We are moving towards the seamless integration of our physical clinics with new technological approaches, creating a gold-standard and highly scalable kidney care service. And we are committed to bringing this future to our patients and healthcare systems worldwide.

Digital solutions 2020

In Sweden and Hungary, our development teams are working on numerous projects to bring new technologies to our care delivery model.

Our continuously evolving digital solutions are vital to our ability to deliver consistent, efficient, high quality care worldwide, while empowering you to contribute to your own care and well-being. Our work is underpinned by the following digital platforms and applications:

d.CARE renal information management platform

Developed by Diaverum for the management of patients and clinics, our renal information management system contains data related to clinical management, medical reporting and clinic processes and administration. It drives clinical workflows and medication management.

PGS (Pharma Guidance System)

Diaverum's PGS advises doctors about optimising medication for you based on your medical data retrieved from the d.CARE renal information management platform.

TGS (Treatment Guidance system)

Our treatment guidance system supports nurses to follow our standardised approach to clinical workflows. This helps to minimise care variability and reduce errors. Our healthcare professionals access the TGS at your chair or bedside via a tablet computer, while the TGS collects and provides information throughout your dialysis, in a paperless environment. The TGS also connects with the Diaverum Enterprise Resource Planning system which manages stock and financial transactions.


d.CONNECT is our fully-automated solution for collecting data from dialysis monitors and weighing scales. This is then used to provide information to the TGS.


This is our “virtual” education platform which contains information for you as well as for our nurses, physicians and business leaders.

d.CARE app

Developed by Diaverum for iOS/Android, this application allows you to communicate directly with our healthcare professionals. You are able to input information about your health and quality of life, and the d.CARE app in turn feeds back to you with information related to your treatment. This is one of several ways that we encourage you to actively engage with us, and with your own care and well-being.


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