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Str.Milan Zecar No.21
2300 Kochani,
North Macedonia

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Clinic manager

Riste Gorgiev

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In Diaverum Kocani we passionately believe that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life. That's why we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of renal patients, holding our true care culture at the heart of everything we do.

The Diaverum center in Kocani  has been part of Diaverum since 2018 and offers 17 dialysis stations.

At Diaverum, we are dedicated to helping our patients live as normally as possible. This can feel like a big challenge if you need to have regular treatments, such as dialysis, which is why we have set up our d.HOLIDAY programme. We know that taking a holiday can be an important part of enjoying life. Patients, who wish to travel, to do so with complete confidence, either in Macedonia or in the rest of the world.

About Kocani

The city of Kocani is located 120 km away from the capital Skopje.

The city has a southern placement in relation to the 2252-metres high Osogovo Mountains.

Lake Gratche is a small artificial accumulation in the immediate vicinity, built on the Kocani. Beside the lake, there are modern tourist and catering facilities. Situated in a beautiful picturesque gorge, Gratche is a very popular site for recreational and picnic tourism.

Ponikva - One of the most famous winter tourist centres and weekend settlements in Macedonia. Ponikva is located near Kocani, in a region with dense beech forest and diverse vegetation of the Osogovo Mountains. The sports and recreation centre includes two ski lifts, weekend houses, auto camps, bungalows, daily supply facilities, multipurpose spaces, sports and recreation grounds, catering facilities, servicing and services for ski equipment.

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Clinic Team

Riste Gorgiev

Clinic manager

Eleonora Grozdanova

Medical director

Biljana Josifova

Head nurse

Useful Information / FAQ

Upon entering the dialysis clinic, a nurse will check your blood pressure, body weight, temperature, and pulse. Then you’ll be escorted to a dialysis room, where you’ll be connected with a dialysis machine via the port. For the next three to five hours your blood will be cleansed by the dialyzer machine. During your dialysis sessions, you'll sit or lie on a armchair or bed. 

Some people report that they feel a little lightheaded during dialysis treatment. However, many people find the treatment to be pain-free and even relaxing. All our dialysis clinics have televisions and free Wi-Fi for use with a mobile device (please ask the staff for details). You may read, or talk to other patients. 

Please use headphones while you watching TV or listening to the radio, so as not to disturb other patients. 

It is very important that you follow the unit’s strict handwashing and infection control programme. This will ensure your health and that of your family and fellow patients.  

Visitors are encouraged to make use of the waiting rooms outside the treatment rooms, or general lounges in the center reception areas. Visitors are discouraged from entering treatment areas, for maintenance of strict infection control measures. 

We recommend that you leave valuables such as jewellery or large sums of money at home. Dialysis facilities are not equipped with safes and while every effort is made to protect your belongings, we can not take responsibility for any losses. 


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