"My stress eased as I came to expect and enjoy consistent treatment from nursing and administrative staff alike."

Rumours that a new clinic might soon be opening had been circulating for some time amongst dialysis patients when I received an invitation to transfer to Thamesmead. Knowing nothing about Diaverum I delved into its website impressed by its value base originating in Sweden where I had come to respect the highest standards of healthcare wearing my professional hat.

Would the rhetoric translate into reality? Still guarded, I welcomed the chance to learn more at the meeting convened for would-be patients. Presentations were informative, more important the chance to get to know some of the clinic staff and other patients during the informal discussion that followed. One of whom was a local resident who gave me a guided tour of Thamesmead before encouraging me to join him in ‘sampling’ the new clinic. My mind was made up!

Transferring to Thamesmead within days of the clinic opening, optimism was pervasive. Staff were on their mettle seemingly well-rehearsed to give their best from the outset. Would first impressions be confirmed? Could the same standards be sustained? My stress eased as I came to expect and enjoy consistent treatment from nursing care and administrative staff alike.

Observing unobtrusively their working relations came naturally during many idle hours impressed by the apparent ease with which everyone collaborated regardless of role, seniority or status. I appreciated especially continuity of support from Yildiz, my named nurse, who monitored my progress keeping a watchful eye on my eating habits! Consultations with the nephrologists were reassuring with King’s expertise always in the background

Two crises put that care to the test. The first was the courage of the nurse who calmly completed my dialysis when I was consumed by a delirious fever thought likely to be Covid before being isolated in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for repeated checks. The second was when tests later at the clinic came back positive. Mercifully symptom free, the nurses conducted my dialysis with their customary kindness while exercising every precaution for themselves and for me.

Moving on from London to be nearer family in Nottingham, a primary concern was to find a clinic working to the same high standards. I anticipate the same faultless care and treatment at the Lings Bar clinic.

With grateful thanks to you all.

January 2022